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Sikh Family Center Survey

SFC Survey-Needs Assessment

Sikh Family Center believes in learning from the community & providing relevant and crucial services to the best of our ability. So first we conducted in-person needs assessment surveys at gurudwaras, community events, camps and retreats across the United States.

We resisted starting with an online survey. This decision gave our volunteers an opportunity to speak with communities across the US. With 500 of these offline surveys conducted in Phase 1, we were able to glean some very important information.

In November 2016, we launched Phase 2, a holistic, online, anonymous and private survey, in English and Punjabi.

Open to Any Sikh American, Over the age of 18. Take it Today!

Take the Survey in English

Take the Survey in Punjabi

SFC is conducting this Needs Assessment of the Sikh American community, in order to:

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Motivation for Sikh Family Center

In 2009, 73 Sikh Americans, who had gathered for an event from across the U.S., participated in a brief needs assessment survey.

The results of this needs assessment motivate the creation of the Sikh Family Center and a larger, more holistic needs assessment of the entire community.

The survey participants provided the following information. Of the 73 people sampled, 41 were males, 31 females and 1 chose not to specify their gender.

45 of 73 people answered YES

47 of 73 people answered YES

40 of 73 people answered YES

46 of 73 people said YES

4 of the sampled 73 people had been victims.
One in every eighteen people had been victims.

8 people answered YES

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