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Featured in Teen Center

Interview with Artist Mahi Singh | "Major Anxiety" by Arshdeep Kaur

SFC Poster Presentation at SAFAR Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

Volunteers Meet & Greet.

SFC Photo Booth! Family Fun.

SFC Training on Family Violence.

SFC Peer Counselors participate in a training exercise.

Founded October 2009

A volunteer providing care.

Meet Teen Mehr Kaur from Massachuusetts, College student, Theater Actress, Director More...

Sikh Family Center operates free clinics at Bay-area Gurdwaras.

Sanjog is a non-profit event formalized to help professional Sikhs meet, network and forge deeper connections.

Sikh Family Center gives priority to under/uninsured members of community.

SFC is conducting a Needs Assessment Survey for determining priorities and areas of focus. Over 800 completed surveys have already been collected!

A Sikh family drops in with support and encouragement

Community Outreach and Education about Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity

Art of Healing - Organizers being interviewed by San Jose Mercury Newspaper.See coverage

Art of Healing - El Sobrante Gurdwara.

"Striking a Healthy balance" presentation at Fremont Gurdwara for High school students considering higher education.

Striking a Healthy Balance: Preparing for Success in College.


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