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Creative Cultural Expression


“WE ALL NEED ALLIES” Spoken Word Poetry Night

SFC held a family night and fundraiser complete with poetry, music, and art. Community artists shared their talents and slam poet Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa (Australia) engaged the audience with her powerful performances of love, fearlessness, and identity. We all left feeling inspired, energized, and resilient.


Young children participate in a unique form of expressive therapy to help explore their emotions and practice healing after the Oak Creek tragedy.

The Healing Begins at San Jose Gurdwara(Click To Read)



Sanjog is a Sikh Family Center hosted non-profit event formalized to help professional Sikhs singles meet each other in a low stress, high yield environment designed to facilitate speed meeting. Candidates have the opportunity to be introduced to multiple people without pressure or formality.

Who knows, you may meet someone special. After all, it is Sanjog.

Learn more about the event and sign up at