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Sehj Series

College Workshops: Creating Healthy Boundaries  

The college workshops are designed from a multicultural lens, and the objectives are to reflect on gender disparities, understand boundaries, and healthy relationships in relation to consent.

Join us for conversations on boundaries, relationships and consent.

Have you ever thought about what your boundaries are? Or how to confidently say yes or no in a relationship? This workshop explores these topics.  


Want to start the semester right? Let's be sure to have honest conversations around safe, healthy, consensual relationships.
Artwork inspired by Damanjot

Want to start the semester right? Let’s be sure to have honest conversations around safe, healthy, consensual relationships. SFC’s Sehj Series workshop provides space for this and is now virtual. We are looking for both facilitators & student organizations (SSAs; Bhangra Teams; Punjabi Clubs; Gurbaani Vichaar groups) interested in bringing this workshop to their peers via Zoom. 

Workshop-in-a-Box! Interested in facilitating a workshop at your college? Your gurudwara? Your camp? Contact us for details! 

Learn about 

Sikh Family Center’s Sehj Series: conversations on boundaries relationships and consent.

– What consent actually means & how to give it 
– How to communicate personal boundaries 
– How culture & power inform relationship dynamics 
– How to support a friend who may have faced sexual abuse 
– And more…

If you’re interested in facilitating, SFC will provide you the presentation + facilitator’s guide + marketing materials + training. All you have to do is get in touch! 

For more information, please email us TODAY at Start the semester right! 

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