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Beckie Uta Masaki

Beckie creates her best contributions to race + gender justice through an interconnected network of intergenerational, diverse folx in a new era of shared leadership + shared power. Over 40 years, Beckie has extensive experience providing multilingual, multicultural services to DV, SA and human trafficking survivors + children/youth/ families; innovative program development, prevention, community building, policy/ institutional advocacy, training/TA, and cultural change.

Beckie is co-­founder and Founding ED of Asian Women’s Shelter, San Francisco, CA.; among the first shelters to meet language/cultural needs of Asian survivors of domestic violence/ human trafficking. She also co-­founded + staffed a national cultural resource center, API Institute on Gender­-Based Violence. Beckie is currently co-founder/ co-lead of Gathering Strength Collective, CRDVN member, Move to End Violence movement maker, and co-­lead of Mending the Arc within Resonance Network.

Beckie lives/ works by building the power of the margins, marked by collective power, intersectional collaboration, creativity, and love.