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Dr. InderJit Singh

Dr. Inder Jit Singh brings vast personal and professional experience, as well as a ready wit and enduring curiosity, to the SFC advisory board. Dr. Singh came to the United States in 1960 on a Murry & Leonie Guggenheim Foundation fellowship. After decades of mentoring and inspiring students, he is now a Professor Emeritus, anatomical sciences, New York University. He severs as a trustee of the MBSK Foundation; on the advisory board of United Sikhs; and on the Board of Directors of the Sikh Research Institute. He also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Sikh Review (Calcutta). His books, including “Sikhs and Sikhism: A View With a Bias” and “Being & Becoming a Sikh,” highlight his journey as a Sikh in North America. Inder Jit Singh is a regular columnist on the online magazine sikhchic and has lectured extensively on interfaith issues.