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Violence Prevention


Sikh Family Center undertakes several efforts to continue building community dialogue about gender-based violence, and appropriate response. SFC is working towards eradicating domestic violence in the Sikh community. See English and Punjabi resources below for violence prevention in the Sikh community.

Stand up against domestic violence!
Will you stand with us?

Data from a 2017 Sikh Family Center survey of 500 Sikhs in the US.⠀

  • 1 in 2 Sikh American survey respondents report that someone close to them has experienced domestic violence.
  • 1 in 3 Sikh females in the US sought help after experiencing domestic violence.
  • 1 in 4 Sikh female survey respondents report having experienced domestic violence.
  • 12% of Sikhs in the US have never heard someone talk about domestic violence at a Gurdwara. These numbers don’t have to be so small. Sikh Family Center is working towards eradicating domestic violence in our community.
  • 25% of Sikh domestic violence survivors report having had thoughts of harming themselves – compared to 6% of Sikhs who have not experienced domestic violence.

How will you take a stand against domestic violence?

Violence Prevention in the Sikh Community: What steps has your gurdwara taken to Take-A-Stand against domestic violence?

Did you know that per our last survey, 25% of Sikh females and 11% of Sikh males (including as children) reported being direct targets of family violence, or domestic violence (DV)? Often, individuals come to their local gurdwara for assistance but are not given the support they need due to lack of violence prevention resources/time/training in the Sikh community. We’ve listed 3 easy steps every Gurdwara can take to start supporting domestic violence survivors. Will you help us spread the word? Post this on your social media and tag your local gurdwara in the comments!

Three easy steps every Gurdwara can take to start supporting domestic violence survivors.

  1. Share our “Stand Up Against Domestic Violence” flyer on your social media pages, live streams, and other channels.
  2. Find the contact information for your local domestic violence agency and share with sangat.
  3. Ask for our Gurdwara Resource Guide on Domestic Violence – Coming soon!