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Family Violence Resource Guide for Gurdwaras

Gurdwaras can commit to taking small steps that are firmer, safer, and more consistent. 

We know gurdwaras provide essential inspiration and support. We also know that gurdwaras cannot be expected to do everything. Still, with the danger of family violence ever-present in our sangats, gurdwaras must respond in a deliberate, pre-planned, and consistent manner to support victim-survivors.

Did you know that per our last survey, 25% of Sikh females and 11% of Sikh males (including as children) reported being direct targets of family violence, or domestic violence (DV)? Often, individuals come to their local gurdwara for assistance but are not given the support they need due to lack of violence prevention resources/time/training in the Sikh community. Has your gurdwara read and engaged with our 2021 Family Violence Resource Guide for Gurdwaras? Will you help us spread the word? Contact SFC for copies.

Sikh Family Center’s new guide provides information, ideas, and resources to Gurdwara leadership and sevadaars on how to provide support to those in an abusive relationship. Help us share this Guide with your local gurdwara. We are happy to answer any questions or have further conversations with you local gurdwara.