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Sehj Series

Sehj Series: conversations on boundaries, consent and relationships  

The college workshops are designed from a multicultural lens, and the objectives are to reflect on gender disparities, understand boundaries, and healthy relationships in relation to consent.

Given the prevalence of intimate partner violence and sexual assault in our society, this workshop has been designed with the intention of education & violence prevention.


Have you ever thought about what your boundaries are? Or how to confidently say yes or no in a relationship?

SFC Sehj Series workshop-in-a-Box explores these topics and more!

– What consent actually means & how to give it 
– How to communicate personal boundaries 
– How culture & power inform relationship dynamics 
– How to support a friend who may have faced sexual abuse 

Interested in Facilitating the Workshop-in-a Box?

If you’re interested in facilitating, SFC will provide you the presentation + facilitator’s guide + marketing materials + training. For more information, please email us at

Sehj Series Workshop 2

Sikh Family Center’s Sehj Series, Workshop 2 for college youth, takes an in depth look at personal communication styles, self-awareness, power and cultural dynamics that complicate relationships, and how to help a friend who may have been a victim-survivor of violence. 

This workshop explores these topics:⠀

  • Understand our personal style of communication
  • Ways to cultivate self-awareness 
  • How to practice healthy masculinity
  • How culture & power inform relationship dynamics ⠀
  • How to support a friend who may have experienced abuse
  • And more.