Youth Ambassador Program


A leadership program that allows youth to interface with the community in order to identify and respond to pressing social issues, such as racial equity, lack of health access etc.  

Thanks to a grant by San Francisco Foundation in 2018, 3 youth leaders were carefully selected to receive mentorship and a stipend.



“I am currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. I have been fortunate to grow up as an active member of the strong Sikh community of the Bay Area, and take immense pride in my identity and my turban. And over the years I have observed the need to empower community members from the inside out and have seen institutions such as SFC making a big difference in people’s lives. I feel passionate about educating my community about the importance of civic engagement and civil rights. In addition, I enjoy playing the guitar and basketball and I run varsity cross country. I grew up doing bhangra, and I am a die-hard Warriors fan.”

Health & Nutrition
Managing Stress


“I’m a San Jose native, and currently a junior in high school. My passion lies with ensuring all children have equal opportunities and I am excited to be apart of Sikh Family Center’s Youth Ambassador Program. I enjoy baking and cake decorating, reading, and traveling with my family (mostly as they explore the best donuts in different towns!).”

Voter Registration Drive


“I am a student at University of California, Santa Cruz, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Sociology. I was born and raised in Sacramento within a Sikh/Punjabi family, which largely shapes the work I do today. Being raised with Sikh ideals within such a diverse community and being blessed with amrit at a young age, I was taught to see the importance in community work, volunteering, activism and treating everyone as equal. Other things that feed my soul include: singing, dancing, and art. I am very excited to be given another outlet to do seva and hope to get the chance to connect with more sangat through SFC and find more ways to empower, uplift, and support my community. “

Emotional Health & Wellness
Mental Health Workshop


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