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Youth Ambassador Program


A leadership program that allows youth to interface with the community in order to identify and respond to pressing social issues, such as gender justice, racial equity, and lack of health access.

Here are highlights of the projects led by our Youth Ambassadors!

Emotional Health & Wellness

“In my life, I have noticed both the elderly and the youth in my family struggle with their emotional health. I often see that we don’t know how to recognize the signs, and when we do, we often don’t know what to do next in order to help. This event was an effort to minimize these issues and provide support to the community”. – Harsimran Kaur

Guest speakers were invited in an in-depth discussion at the Gurdwara on healing at all levels- individual, family, and community. SFC Youth Ambassador Harsimran Kaur brought us all together afterwards for a fun therapeutic painting activity with artist Rupy Kaur Tut.

Health & Nutrition

“I believe it is very important to enforce healthy eating habits and lifestyle as it improves our quality of life and aligns directly with our Sikh values”. – Amol Singh

Civic Engagement

“I voted for _ because my friend told me to”. YOU have a voice, use it and don’t let other people decide for you! Our Youth Ambassador, Siffat Kaur spoke with many community members about voting rights and having the power to make choices which reflect an individual’s needs.