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Tandeep Kaur, former Gender Justice Intern

“One of the most fruitful experiences of this past year has been working with Sikh Family Center. My mentors, Mallika Kaur and Harmit Kaur entrusted me to lead national community grounding projects like the Family Violence Gurdwara Guide distribution. I found myself bringing issues that mattered to me into new, sometimes intimidating, spaces that were surrounded by people much older and experienced than myself. I learned to be unapologetic while advocating for equal opportunities in faith spaces.

Along with leading the Distribution Project, I conducted research on murder-homicides across the nation, led consent workshops via Sehj Series for University students, read and discussed violence-centered texts, and represented Sikh youth in multiple capacities.”

Listen to Tandeep’s experience distributing and engaging with over 15 gurdware in just her home state!