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My Body is Mine and So Is My Mind

Empowering Children: Two videos to help develop body autonomy.

My Body Is Mine and So Is My Mind

by Aekash Singh and Arzoe Kaur

“My Body Is Mine and So Is My Mind!” are two self-empowerment videos in English created by kids for kids to increase awareness of their own bodily autonomy and integrity. The video encourages children to speak up and get help and prevent child sexual abuse (CSA). We hope that you will watch the videos, consider discussing important questions and proactively think about any next steps.

Feminine character and narrator

Masculine character and narrator

Child Friendly Educational Videos: Made For Youth, by Youth

The videos are created to help parents and children discuss important issues that many parents find uncomfortable initiating. We hope that you will watch this video with your child and pause it for discussions about self-ownership and self-determination. As questions come up, explore the opportunity to explain and discuss more as needed based on your child’s age and maturity level.

Some questions to consider.

  1. What does body autonomy mean?
  2. Is body autonomy a human right?
  3. Why is bodily autonomy important?
  4. What does autonomy mean?
  5. Who is a trusted adult?
  6. Does the child know who to go to for help?

Next Steps: Do children know what to do if they feel uncomfortable?

SFC works with the community to address critical needs. Our experience at Sikh Family Center proves that child abuse is widespread–across lines of immigration, income, education, perceived religiosity or leadership status–even if not widely documented or discussed. Let us come together, as a community to teach our children of self governance. Use this a starting point for ideas about how to talk to kids about safe touch and differentiate between unsafe touch. Learn more and take action agains child sexual abuse.