Non-emergency Helpline 866-SFC-SEWA (732-7392)




Our non-emergency helpline is the first of its kind for the Sikh American community. When someone calls the Helpline, a trained peer counselor responds within 48 hours to discuss available options, provide crisis intervention and appropriate referrals to existing resources in their local community.

We field a wide range of calls, including:

  • A teenage boy, who is fearful of applying to college because he has been told he isn’t good enough.
  • A college sophomore being socially and sexually pressurized by her boyfriend.
  • A woman fleeing a violent household with her children, wondering about next steps.
  • A man seeking help for anger management told he will bring dishonor to the community at large.
  • An undocumented person told he should be ashamed and is safer not asking for help.
  • A woman who has never seen a primary care physician due to lack of insurance.
  • An elderly person told to never speak about their homeless situation.


Through an empowerment approach and steady trust building, community members associate SFC as an ally to help them overcome multiple challenges. While recognizing our own limitations, we offer supportive services based on a thorough assessment of a caller’ situation.