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Mahi Singh

Mahi Singh

SFC had the opportunity to speak with the smart and talented, Mahi Singh, and learn about how art holds a unique role in her life amidst her busy school schedule!

SFC: When did you get interested with art? And how did you start?

Mahi: I’ve enjoyed arts and crafts ever since I can remember. My first memory of ‘drawing’ was learning to make circles on a small black chalkboard with blue chalk. I remember feeling like the coolest person ever because my circles were so circular! Another ‘art memory’ I have from when I was younger is painting a hummingbird stained-glass sun catcher with my Dadu Ji. My first dose of real art, however, was my freshman year of high school when I took a drawing class… That’s when I realized that good drawing is all about drawing what you see- not what you think you see. After I realized that, I would practice drawing photographs that I found off of the internet.

SFC: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mahi: Eventually I started drawing things that were more meaningful to me. It turned into a release; now, it’s a productive way for me to express myself when I am stressed or frustrated or sad, and it’s also a way I can preserve stories of people that I meet or things that I experience.

SFC: Is art a career goal for you or more of a hobby?

Mahi: Art is something I just really enjoy… nothing more complicated than that. While it’s something I know I can always turn to, I don’t want it to turn into a job. I feel that if I make it a career, it’ll become less of a release and more of an obligation. Last summer, I made a website ( and I’m humbled by the positive response it’s gotten! I don’t know where art will take me, but I do know that I have tons more to learn- and that’s the beauty of it.

SFC: What advice would you give Sikh youth who are pursuing their passion in the arts?

Mahi: It’s a blessing to have an outlet. If you find something that you enjoy, hold on to it and try to hone the skill!

Mahi Singh attended Case Western Reserve University, double majoring in Anthropology and Biology with a minor in Studio Art