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Mormons Suspend Worship, Buddhists Livestream Services Over Coronavirus Fears

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., houses of worship have had to make quick and often unprecedented changes to faith practices.

…Sikh Gurdwaras…Worship services in Sikh gurdwaras are usually followed by langar, a free community meal offered to anyone who needs it. The meal is prepared by volunteers and eaten in a communal fashion, with large numbers of people sitting on the floor, often in close proximity to one another. The practice is meant to promote charity and equality, but many gurdwaras are now taking extra steps to ensure the safety of langar volunteers and participants. 

“Sikh ethos is about sharing and providing a place for gathering for the sick and vulnerable,” Gurpreet Padam, a board member at California’s Sikh Family Center, told HuffPost. “Balancing this with the guidelines around COVID-19 is, of course, difficult.”

Many gurdwaras are being more vigilant about sanitizing food preparation and eating areas, Padam added. Full Article at Huffington Post by Carol Kuruvilla