Victims Must Not Be Lost in Domestic Violence and Policing Debates

If this year is about exposing hard truths, here’s another: We have too easily outsourced our domestic violence problem. Instead of responding and taking a stand in our families and communities, we have, over time relegated it to police and government systems. How does “defund the police” envision responding to domestic violence—currently the single largest category of calls received by police?

How Gurdwaras Can Support Victim-Survivors of Family Violence – Kaur Life

Part of the Solution: A Family Violence Resource Guide for Gurdwaras by Harmit Kaur Growing up, I always believed that gurdwaras were a place to find solace or belonging in a sangat; they were built to serve the spiritual and social needs of a community. As a very young Kaur, going to the gurdwara meant eating fresh parshad, listening to kirtan, meeting relatives, doing seva. Over the years, I watched our local gurdwara transform, from what I believed was the perfect space to find solace and sangat, to a multi-million-dollar “dream” project. It is now one of the largest gurdwaras in North America; even a tourist destination. Gurdwaras have adapted to evolving sangat realities and needs in so… Show more

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Listening & Learning from Survivors & Supporters

What About Being a Sikh Makes Consent Complicated? – Kaur Life

By Mallika Kaur

Note: This post refers to sexual and other forms of intimate partner violence. While it deliberately avoids any graphic descriptions, it is perfectly normal for some small detail that is innocuous for one person, to trigger or distress another. Please refer to the resources listed below should you feel the need to reach out for support. “I’m that girl who everyone is talking about,” her voice quiet, but convinced. She then left her phone number on our newly launched Sikh Family CenterHelpline saying, “Anytime is a good time to call,” and hung up. This was just about nine Vaisakhis ago. April marks the birth of the Khalsa: the culmination of the Gurus’ project of bestowing pow… Show more

Unprecedented Farmers Protests in India: Lest We Miss This Feminist Moment

Protesters in India are opposing new farm laws, passed during the din of the pandemic, that seem to hand over to the billionaires the keys of its agrarian sector. Women’s participation at the protest challenges the convenient narrative that the protest is only about angry men, dangerous and entirely unwilling to listen to reason

Innovations in Survivor-Centered Advocacy[…]nce_a_Case_Study_of_the_Survivor-Centered_Advocacy_Project

Online Survey Launches To Help Sikhs Across USA

Aiding Sikh communities across the breadth of the USA, the Sikh Family Center has launched a survey to help gauge their demands and needs across the country. “How many times have we all heard: Why don’t we have more services for our own? Well, for one, we don’t have the data to show demand


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