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Mallika Kaur

Mallika Kaur is a writer, lawyer, and educator who focuses on human rights with a specialization in gender and minority issues. For 19 years now, Mallika has directly worked with victim-survivors of gender-based violence—as an emergency room crisis counselor, attorney, and expert witness. She has closely worked with and for

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Bitika Kohli

Bitika is a California native, who loves chai and hiking. A medical student who’s passionate about making a difference, Bitika actively works towards increasing access to care for low-income, immigrant, and disabled populations across the United States. At SFC, she focuses her efforts on health economics and improving resources in

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Dr. Gurpreet K. Padam

Dr. Gurpreet K. Padam, MD, FAAFP, DipABLM In 2009, Dr. Padam founded a free clinic for the uninsured, which as of 2014 was established as the Guru Nanak Free Medical Clinic in San Jose, California.   The clinic is now staffed and managed by multi-lingual volunteer physicians from the community to

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