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Jasvir Kaur

Jasvir Kaur is the co-founder of the Sikh Healing Collective, a mental health relief effort that was created to meet the immediate needs of the Sikh Community in response to the domestic terror that took place at the Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in August 2012.

Jasvir works as a clinical pharmacist and has participated in disaster relief efforts including leading medical teams in tsunami, as well as the Haiti earthquake. She has volunteered on medical and environmental missions with various organizations around the world, including Ghana, Guatemala, Peru, Vietnam, Morocco and India. Locally, Jasvir is the community event coordinator of Sikh Seva Foundation of Chicago Society which does interfaith work, community events for youth and seniors, mental health workshops and other grassroots efforts depending on community needs.

Jasvir served as the Religious Secretary for Palatine Gurdwara, the largest Gurdwara in the midwest. She also spends her time as a counselor for various Sikh camps and retreats around the country teaching children. Her passion is to empower and teach children and young adults to be comfortable in their own skin, to embrace differences and build bridges through compassion.

Jasvir brings nearly three decades of dedicated experience engaging with the Sikh community across the U.S. on issues often considered “too sensitive.” She is a firm believer in the transformative power of sangat (community) and individual resilience in overcoming violence. Her personal and professional journey emphasizes the human spirit’s capacity to rise from trauma with chardi kalaa, to heal, and to reclaim sovereignty.