Puneet Singh


Puneet Singh is an engineer working on clean, quiet and accessible air transportation for an electric aircraft company in Southern California. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he played an active role in advocating for systemic changes in admission, teaching, and assessment that continue to disadvantage under-represented minorities and women.

He is a board member of the Telluride Association, a nonprofit organization with the mission to prepare and inspire promising students to lead and serve through free, transformative educational experiences rooted in critical thinking and democratic community. As part of the association, Puneet has organized volunteering efforts in food pantries, homeless shelters and after school tutoring for under-served families in the community. He is currently part of a committee to incorporate environmental, social, and governance criteria in the association’s endowment investments. He frequently teaches Gurbani, Sikh history, and Punjabi language at Gurudwaras and Sikh camps.

Puneet Singh


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