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SFC is the only organization focused on Sikh American survivors of gender-based violence.

SFC Video Shorts

Our video series continues! Amrita Hanjhra, SFC Advisory Board Member, presents  “Five Ways to Check-In with Kids Impacted by FamilyViolence.” Amrita, a gender-based violence expert,  focuses on how to better interact with children who have been exposed to family violence. We often think children don’t know or aren’t affected. In fact, science shows how keenly children observe and absorb adult interactions surrounding them.

Community Outreach

Mallika Kaur, SFC Board Chair, joined a panel discussion for Sikh Coalition’s Summer Series: Understanding Domestic Violence In Our Communities. Mallika explained, “one thing that Sikh Family Center is struck by, and that’s what keeps us going is: You will find allies in the most unusual places… We have found people of all ages in our community that support survivors in the community.” Watch the full discussion on YouTube.

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To raise awareness about family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, Harmit Kaur, SFC Director of Community Engagement, joined the County of Santa Clara’s Behavioral Health Services Department’s special virtual Punjabi Town Hall as a guest speaker. The panel discussion addressed culturally-specific issues related to COVID-19 including family health, emotional wellness and resources for individuals and families.

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Stand with Us. Together with Dasvandh Network and other Sikh organizations, Sikh Family Center is supporting the healing of Black communities. Dasvandh Network has partnered with the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM) to help raise funds for their extensive training, coalition building and grantmaking programs. 

With the campaign nearing its end, just over $20,000 has been raised. Please help us reach our goal of $25,000 by visiting the 
Sikh Community Fundraiser for the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. Note: DOUBLE YOUR DONATION by using the code “BEAM” at checkout. 

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