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Our Growth and Motivation

It’s Time To Grow!

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The need for community-based, culturally humble, Punjabi-specific resources and interventions for our community far exceeds what any current Sikh organization can meet. SFC needs to build capacity to provide these necessary services. We are fundraising to hire an Executive Director (ED) who can take further our organizational mission and take SFC’s work and impact to the next level. 

Can We Count on Your Support?

As the only Sikh organization in the U.S. focused on addressing family and gender-based violence, we are humbled to have the support and backing of people like you. Our work would simply not be possible without it. Our community is our #1 motivation, as well as our #1 support.

We realize this is a time of many pressing demands, but we hope you will consider donating to SFC.

Our Origin

Since September 11, 2001, as Sikhs increasingly became targets of discrimination and hate due to their unique identities— turbans, long hair, beards—the community created powerful civil rights organizations.  But when we looked around, there were no organizations dedicated to promoting health and safety within the Sikh home—many intra-community challenges proliferated in the shadows.

In 2009, a few motivated members of our community undertook the task of developing and administering the first known bilingual Sikh-specific social needs assessment to better understand the experiences, vulnerabilities, traumas and possibilities for Sikhs living in the U.S.. The results from this first need assessment survey informed the creation of the Sikh Family Center.

(Please note “Sikh” refers to a faith-community, but we are not a “Religious” organization, as understood in western culture. Sikhs are a people, a culture, and Sikh Family Center reflects and serves a very diverse community. Our services never discriminate on the basis of perceived or actual religiosity, or against people of any or no faith.)