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Towards Healing: Individual and Collective

Our hearts remain heavy and our ardaas remains directed to the victims and survivors of the grotesque mass violence in Indianapolis last week. 

Sikh Family Center has immediately circulated collaboratively created resources on mental health responses and recovery. These are being distributed on the ground in Indiana and across the country, wherever community members are feeling triggered or re-triggered.

We have provided technical assistance to organizations and initiatives looking to support in the time of grief. We are working with the SikhCoalition to strengthen their excellent ground response. We have been interviewed by the media and raised our voices for justice and accountability.  

There is no one way to respond, to grieve, to process. We encourage everyone to connect with your loved ones and supports, check in with your kids, reduce or unplug from social media, do what you need to do to take care of yourselves and each other. 
What we have been doing in April…This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Mallika Kaur states: “I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on how Sikh Family Center’s commitment has grown to increase awareness about the various ways in which we all could possibly be part of the solution, working towards a world without the plague of sexual violence.” Read the full article for KaurLife: “What About Being a Sikh Makes Consent Complicated?”

April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month.SFC has developed several resources on the topic of child sexual abuse in particular, including videos from parents in Punjabi and English; an animated video developed by youth, and a series of graphics on body autonomy. 

Since releasing our Family Violence Resource Guide for Gurdwaras, we have been engaged in conversations about implementing steps to increase safety for victim-survivors of family violence. Share the guide with your local gurdwara today! Contact us for hard copies of the Guide and Resource card.

We have continued providing education and training for community members, including an introductory training on family violence for East Coast sangat responding to local domestic violence incidents, and a workshop on intergenerational trauma and healing for Jakara Movement.

Want to invite SFC to speak at your next virtual event? Contact us for more information! 

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