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About Us

Towards Healing: Individual and Collective

Our hearts remain heavy and our ardaas remains directed to the victims and survivors of the grotesque mass violence in Indianapolis last week.  Sikh Family Center has immediately circulated collaboratively created resources on mental health responses and recovery. These are being distributed on the ground in Indiana and across the country, wherever community members are feeling triggered

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Acting Executive Director

Announcement We are pleased and humbled to announce that we have appointed Sikh Family Center’s first acting Executive Director, Mallika Kaur! Mallika is a co-founder of SFC and, until just recently, served as Chair on the Board of Directors. She brings with her nineteen years of experience working directly with

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Our Story

It’s Time to Grow Sikh Family Center focuses on holistic health and wellness for all. With the Guru’s grace, we first came together a little over a decade ago, in 2009, to evaluate community needs and create a space to offer sangat support and resources especially on issues that are

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Domestic Violence Outreach; Black Lives Matter Solidarity; COVID Resources & More

SFC is the only organization focused on Sikh American survivors of gender-based violence. SFC Video Shorts Our video series continues! Amrita Hanjhra, SFC Advisory Board Member, presents  “Five Ways to Check-In with Kids Impacted by FamilyViolence.” Amrita, a gender-based violence expert,  focuses on how to better interact with children who have been exposed to family violence. We often think

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Our Growth and Motivation

It’s Time To Grow! Support Us Today! Donate Now! The need for community-based, culturally humble, Punjabi-specific resources and interventions for our community far exceeds what any current Sikh organization can meet. SFC needs to build capacity to provide these necessary services. We are fundraising to hire an Executive Director (ED) who can take further

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End of the Year Newsletter 2016

A Look Back and A Push Forward Thanks for all your support to the Sikh Family Center, always! We close this year with optimism: knowing we are going to grow bigger & better in 2017. Please see our attached Newsletter!It has become clear to us that we must take the next steps to strengthen

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End of the Year Newsletter 2015

Imagine a World With Healthy & Happy Sikh Families… Towards 2016! As 2015 draws to a close, we share with you a glimpse into our work, and invite you to join us in pushing forward, stronger, into 2016!

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